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The Bottle Shop Is Open For Carryout!

Offering a wide selection of local brews and ciders.  With a steady rotation there is always something new to try.

Our Featured Artist

Aliki Mikulich

Bred In Captivity

My art and approach to life pay respect to the earth, the innocence of nature and the power of the elements.

I live in Holmedale in Brantford.  Daily walks along our local trails provide an abundance of inspiration.

I often use materials in that are repurposed and reclaimed. I explore and embrace new ways of expression through various mediums which each come with their own strengths and limitations and provide a learning process. My mediums include mixed media paintings, block printmaking and ceramics.

I have become obsessed with trees and wildflowers, birds and small animals. People know that I dote on foxes.  I feel that animals deserve a place of honour in portrait – as a tribute to all that Mother Nature gives us – and in recognition of humanity’s ungratefulness for her gifts.

The artist’s show will be up until the end of the month.  You can purchase works from the artist at our location.