Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea – 60g Bag


We select the only the finest loose leaf teas for our shelf. Now you can enjoy them at home. All flavours come in a 60g bag (approx.15 cups of tea)

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Black Teas

Pekoe Perfection (English Breakfast) - This classic blend of rich black teas is known for its full-bodied aroma and taste.

Irish Breakfast - A blend of assam, java, and china blacks that brew a rich and malty cup of tea.

Greys Gift (Earl Grey) - With its signature ingredient of bergamot, our Earl Grey is enriched with orange peel & blossoms that give a superb, sweet citrus fragrance and flavour.

Chantilly Crème (Earl Grey) - An exquisite Earl Grey mellowed by a hint of vanilla.

Chai In The Sky - An authentic Indian Masala Chai recipe - Assam black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, star anise, peppercorn, orange peel, coriander seeds and ginger bits.

Green & White Teas

Steeping Beauty (White, light caffeine) - A remarkable white tea blended with coconut and pomegranate. This tea has the highest level of anti-oxidants and it makes for an exquisite brew.

Samurai's Secret Gen Mai Cha (Green, light caffeine) - Japanese Sencha tea, popcorn & toasted rice. Wonderfully nutty and sweet.

Pear Cream Supreme (Green & White, light caffeine) - Chinese green & white teas, apples, oranges peel, fennel seed, and calendula petals.

Tropical Green (Green, light caffeine) - A delightful infusion of Green Sencha and pineapple, mallow & natural flavours.

Skinny Genie (Green & Black Tea, light caffeine) - A delicious slimming tea. Boosts metabolism, flushes away toxins and rich in antioxidants. Specially blended with green and black tea, manna, guarana, nettle leaves, and green mate.

Fruit Tisanes

Berrylicious (No Caffeine) - Dessert in a cup! Bold, bright berry flavour with soothing strawberry & blackberry highlights.

Wellness Teas

Ginger Fresh (No Caffeine) - A distinctive blend of lemon grass, liquorice root, ginger bits, peppermint, lemon peel, and pepper. A stimulating yet soothing tea. Known for its antioxidants.

Mint Medley (No Caffeine) - The perfect blend of peppermint & spearmint - soothes, empowers and aids digestion.

Nirvana (No Caffeine) - A green rooibos with vanilla, orange, vervain, and lemon grass. A delicious wellness tea that helps relax the body and stimulate the immune system.

Provence (No Caffeine) - Inspired by the 'joie de vivre' of France. Rooibos, elderberries, rosehip, lavender & natural flavours.

100 Mysteries (No Caffeine) - Fiesta of organic roobios, coconut, herbs, fruit and almonds. CONTAINS NUTS

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100 Mysteries, Chai In The Sky, Mint Medley, Tropical Green, Greys Gift, Berrylicious, Pekoe Perfection, Irish Breakfast, Chantilly Crème, Steeping Beauty, Samurai's Secret, Pear Cream Supreme, Skinny Genie, Ginger Fresh, Nirvana, Provence


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